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Commitment to safety

[We can really rely on TSUJINO products.’]
TSUJINO is committed to the safety of its products for the satisfaction of our customers.
Quality policy
In order to provide safe products, to build up confidence and to establish a respectable brand,We have set up a Quality Assurance Department, whose activities include.
Monitoring the production and sales of our products, and to make sure they are compliable with regulations such as the Food Sanitation Act and the Law Concerning Standardization and Proper Labeling of Agricultural and Forestry Products.
Ensuring that effective measures are taken to in order to prevent recurrence of complaints.
Procurement of raw materials
We procure high-quality raw materials which are traceable and satisfies our company’s criteria for freshness, from carefully selected locations around the world.
Factory Commitment
We are continuously upgrading our quality control system mainly based on HACCP, in order to ensure the production of safe products.
In August 2010, we obtained the HACCP certification at our Hasaki Factory.
Customer voice
We strongly value the opinions of our customer and the society, and make sure that they are reflected in our business activities.